Re-invent Yourself…Build a New Way of Being, a New Home, and a New Future.

Have Courage, show your kids how it’s done.

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The Modern Masculine:
Your Divorce Concierge

Re-Invention – A Whole Life Makeover

It’s not just how you feel, but also how you look, live and connect. 
We help you manage it all.


1. Your New Way of Being

Divorce Strategy & Support

Fully understand the Divorce Process in a whole new way… and all the personal steps you will need to take with courage and grace.

2. Your New Home

New Home Assistance & Interior Design

Come home to a comfortable and stylish new home, with everything at your fingertips, all finished to your personal taste. 

3. Your New Future

Personal Styling & Health

Have you ever really loved who you are & how you look? Be the epitome of style and sophistication, know yourself inside & out.

The provision of a completely confidential and safe container for our Clients is paramount.

The Modern Masculine offers tailored assistance to catapult you from where you are, into your future – faster.  Proven results in shortening the Divorce process, saving considerable legal costs & putting a stop to the untold emotional toll.

Our team is here for all the things you hadn’t even considered, offering real-time support to remove the unexpected pressures and difficulties experienced during this life changing period.

This is a very personal and individual journey which takes great courage, it is held with absolute honour at The Modern Masculine.

be heard

be acknowledged

be supported

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help & brave enough to ask for it.”

“I believe if we can change the outcome for ONE MAN to have a better divorce, then we are changing the outcome for the whole family.

When we do that we are changing the direction for the children of that family, which in turn creates generational change. If we can do that, one divorce at a time… we can change the world.”

Helen Glover, CEO


  • It feels like you have nowhere to turn, that you have lost the ones you believed were in your corner
  • You are in a cycle of negotiation that you feel will never end
  • It seems impossible to have a co-parenting relationship with your ex-partner & you know it’s affecting the children
  • Where you live feels more like a holding cell than a home
  • You have feelings of frustration, disappointment & powerlessness
  • You are making unhealthy choices – it’s getting harder to hide what is happening
  • You want to focus on the future, restore and recover

Leaving you with:
●  A new sense of identity and of meaning in life
●  A strong bond and renewed sense of purpose with your children
●  A strong start to a successful and healthy co-parenting relationship with the ability to transcend conflict
●  A beautiful home for you and your children
●  A pride in your appearance creating a strong inner & outer confidence
●  A trusted & connected community
●  A greater appreciation for what brings you joy

GIVING YOU The 6 C’s: the Principles of the modern masculine

CONTROL: Communicate in a way to end the conflict trap, move forward with ease and confidence toward a stronger and more positive outcome for you and your children.

CHARACTER: Surround yourself with the echo chamber of who you are, what you represent and how you want to live.

COURAGE: Lead by example, have courage in the face of adversity, transcend the difficulty and be the father your children need.

CONFIDENCE: Rid yourself of that feeling of powerlessness, enter a room with pride, know yourself, stand tall and radiate from the inside, out.

CONNECTION: Cultivate real, meaningful friendship with trust, honour and respect. Bring a new depth to fatherhood and intimate relationships.

COMMUNITY: Build a network of more solid and trusted friends. Be more connected to your community, find support and joy in new places, notice your value in the world.

Word from our CEO

“I believe we have become numb to Divorce, with 44% of long term relationships ending in separation or divorce – it has become a regular part of modern society. The problem is that we underestimate the level of destruction it has on our lives, our mental health and in turn our future relationships.

Generally men don’t just leave the marriage, but they also leave the family home, lose their extended family and generally friendships too.  Where do they go from there?For most it is a lonely road, men stuck behind the current narrative of being tough they often struggle behind closed doors. 

This is where we come in, listening to what needs to be heard, finding and setting up the new family home, encouraging and carving the new path for the future, so you move forward as a stronger more connected man, living in a place that represents you with all of the comforts of a true home, looking and feeling the best you have ever felt…. you can have it!  A life that brings you joy in a whole new way.”

Certified Divorce Coach & Transformation Specialist

Client Testimonial

….As was typical at the time, I approached our meeting with my chest out and was ready to simply tick boxes and move on. Helen’s relaxed personality disarmed me straight away and ten minutes in, I was opening up to her with honest truths I’d never even told myself. That was a profound moment in my life, and I credit Helen with turning my life around.

Fast forward to today and my career, relationship with my family and friends, and my mental strength are all bulletproof thanks to Helen’s guidance. I’ll consider her a lifetime friend because of it.


(Due to the sensitive nature of our work together, all client names are kept confidential. If you would like to speak with some of our clients, please get in touch.)

“The man we call modern, the man who is aware of the immediate present, is by no means the average man.”

– Carl Jung

how to work with helen

1. Book in a consultation

Divorce is such a unique process, causing a myriad of effects. If you are struggling to navigate the ripple effect, make the call.


2. chat with helen directly

By discussing your particular situation, Helen can shed some light on the process you are facing and discuss what personalised support you need.

3. rebuild with confidence

Take back control of your life, reconnect with your children, be supported and heard in this important transition.

You now have a thinking partner, a coach, and a personal concierge.  

“All children have the right to love both parents. Our job is to make it easy for them.”

Helen Glover. CEO



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