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Helen is a Certified Divorce Coach and Transformation Specialist, assisting Executive Men & CEOs to navigate the unexpected whirlwind of Divorce.


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“A lot of people have asked me that!  

In 2015 I coached men who had been medically discharged from the Military.  It was here that I became aware of the stress men faced when dealing with intense emotion; the societal pressure and mixed messages that were almost impossible to navigate, when real support and understanding was so desperately needed.   To this regard, I started interviewing men about their experiences in showing emotion. 

I was so blown away and humbled by the conversations that I was having that I started to feel that this… this is really important.  When the men I spoke to voiced desperate life changing moments, divorce and separation was top of the list.  Studies show divorced men are over eight times more likely to commit suicide than divorced women, with post divorce mental health issues being minimised by society and vastly ignored.

It’s imperative to me that we bring change here, allowing men to be seen and not shamed for past historical issues.  For me it is the only way we can ever move forward to create a better future for us all.” 

"I was so blown away and humbled by the conversations that I was having that I started to feel that this...this was really important."


Helen’s Qualifications

Certified Divorce Coach (CDC)

MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher

Speaker on Masculine/Feminine Dynamics

Advanced Shadow Mastery Diploma

Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts


Helen’s Shows

Founder of  The Modern Masculine Podcast

Showcasing insight into men’s views on a number of topics, Helen’s guests speak candidly about how they have handled and overcome some of our current difficulties and challenges

Co-Presenter of King Arthur & The Lady of the Lake

Joining forces with Michael Lauria, Author and Founder of  the Global Brand “Forging Excalibur”, this YouTube Channel discusses some of the more controversial questions around Masculine & Feminine Dynamics.

From the legal process to your home and wellbeing, your mental health to your wardrobe,

Helen and her team are right there removing the overwhelming pressure on a day to day basis, ensuring you can keep showing up at full capacity to your work and close relationships.

With a unique set of skills collected over 30 years Helen brings extensive knowledge of Coaching, Interior Design & Personal Styling.

“In current times we are not just fighting a health pandemic but a Mental Health pandemic in degrees we have never faced before. The highest concentration of this centers in our Men, with suicide and domestic violence at terrifying levels.

With the public narrative at the moment being so tough on men, full of mixed messaging on how to behave and be seen, with shaming and blaming more than ever before, there is a need to stop and listen.”

Courage in Divorce shows up as Noble Minded behaviour, the absolute showing of a Gallant act”

Helen Glover, CEO

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1. Book in a consultation

Divorce is such a unique process, causing a myriad of effects. If you are struggling to navigate the ripple effect, make the call.


2. chat with helen directly

By discussing your particular situation, Helen can shed some light on the process you are facing and discuss what personalised support you need.

3. rebuild with confidence

Take back control of your life, reconnect with your children, be supported and heard in this important transition.

You now have a thinking partner, a coach, and a personal concierge.


“Today, forget what’s gone, appreciate what remains & look forward to what’s coming next. “



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